Artist tools & resources

Art does not have to be expensive. Be resourceful & creative with the products you use & the items you make.
Here are my favorite products I use when creating your art. Feel free to try them!
| BLICK & AMAZON are my go-to online shops |


Oil Painting

Here are the basic products I use for Oil Painting.

  • ZenART’s Impressionist Palette (Amazon) | This is a wonderful palette to start with, and the price is great! You can mix your specific colors. Consider adding a Burnt Umber too!

  • Linseed Oil | Add desired amount to your oil paint to create your perfect texture - I prefer creamy.

  • Palette Knife | Set of five. Perfect for mixing colors. My preferred method of oil painting is with palette knife.

  • Gamblin Gamvar Varnish | Oil paintings can take years to dry. Gamvar protects your oil painting, while allowing air in. so your painting does not crack.

Oil Pastel painting

Oil Pastel Painting

Here are my favorite products I use for Oil Pastel Painting.

Acrylic Pouring

Acrylic Pouring

Here are the basic products I use for Acrylic Pouring.

Alcohol inks

Alcohol Ink Painting

Here are my current favorite products I use for Alcohol Ink Painting.

  • Yupo Paper Watercolor Paper | Non-absorbent synthetic paper. Choose between 74lb and 144lb. The heavier weight allows more flexibility and play; 74lb is great for refining your style and practice.
    - 9” x 12”, 144 lb, practise pad
    - 9” x 12”, 74lb practise pad
    *traditional watercolor paper absorbs most of your ink, causing you to use more & will eventually break down the paper

  • Alcohol Inks | Jacquard Pinata Colors - a great starter collection, with a wide range of colors, at an excellent price point. These inks work great with the Yupo paper.
    Copic Marker Refills - offers a wide color selection. These are excellent for a "brush method". >> select "See more" to view all colors

  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol | This works great to spread and thin your alcohol inks - you do not need anything fancier or more expensive

  • Pipettes | Use with the Isopropyl Alcohol to spread with your ink, or use individually to pull color from your Paint Palette

  • Paint Brushes | Rounds are my favorite; use different sizes to achieve a variety of strokes

  • Krylon Kamar Varnish | First step to protecting your alcohol ink paintings, once dry. Use a minimum of two coats (dry time between).

  • Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Gloss | Second step to protecting your alcohol ink paintings. After Kamar Varnish has dried (dry time instructions), use a minimum of one coat UV-Resistant Clear Gloss to keep colors vibrant (they will fade with light, and with a resin coating if you do not apply UV protection).

  • Wood Panels | You can mount your Yupo artwork (after dry & varnished) to the wood panels, or you can prime your panels and paint on them directly. I prefer the 1.5" depth. >> select "See more" to view all sizes

  • Golden Soft Gel | Used to mount Yupo artwork to your wood panels

  • ArtResin | Seal your mounted artwork, with this non-toxic alternative. Starter kit.

Abstract Acrylic/Mixed media

Proverbs 31 Woman

Here are the products I love. Play with them, mix them & have fun!

Hanging hardware

Here are my favorite products I use to hang my paintings.


I have included specific products & links that I love and use. I do receive a small commission when you purchase through my links. I do not share items or companies that I do not believe it, and I only promote items that I absolutely love & personally use.